Sunset dining experience

1200-450 Lisboa, Portugal (4)
per person45
  • Portuguese
  • Lisbon
  • Tour
  • 6:30pm - 9:30pm
  • 2-6


Get off the tourist beaten path and join Luciana on a journey beyond Tagus river.

This experience starts by taking the local ferry crossing Lisbon’s river to Cacilhas, a picturesque small district of Almada.
Full of historic and cultural interests, Cacilhas is also the perfect place to take pictures of Lisbon and to enjoy a lovely local meal in authentic restaurants located along the shore.

Traditional Portuguese food like octopus salad and “pataniscas de bacalhau” (salt codfish cakes) among other authentic local dishes are included, as well as delicious local desserts, wines and waters.

Travelling solo? Send us an email to with this experience and we will try to fit you in a group.

What’s included:

  • Ferry ticket (round trip)
  • Cultural tour
  • Dinner (food and drinks)
  • Experience available in English and Portuguese

The host recommends:

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Bring a jacket (even in summer time)
  • Instagrammer? Remember to bring your camera (you’ll love the views!)

Meeting point:

Cais do Sodré Train Station (main entrance)


Eating and discovering new places to share with travelers are two, out of my five, favorite things


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- Sep, 02, 2017 -

Paola Martin

I’m a foodie, but there are some things that I'm reluctant to try, so thank you Luciana for encouraging me to taste your country’s delicacies, I now have tasted more than I was willing to when I first arrived to Portugal. The food was delicious and the tour was very nice as well.

- Aug, 05, 2017 -

Camille Roux

Amazing views and amazing gastronomy! Looking forward for more experiences like this in Portugal. Merci Luciana!

- Jul, 30, 2017 -

Kevin Henderson

My wife and I did the tour with Luciana and she is a very friendly guide, she actually knows less touristic places near Lisbon. The boat trip provided us with cool pictures of Lisbon and we had no idea that there was so much history on the other side of the river.

- Jul, 05, 2017 -

Joanna Bennett

Thanks to Luciana I now I’ve been to places that my friends haven’t visit yet, so I’m going back home with something new! Never thought that Lisbon had nice surroundings so close to the city. The food was really good and the views were awesome, cheers Luciana!