Sintra on a food walk

Largo Rainha Dona Amélia, 2710-616 Sintra, Portugal (10)
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  • Sintra
  • 11:30 am - 2:30 pm
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Explore Sintra on a food walk with Isabel, a local foodie who knows the best places to eat “petiscos” (dishes of traditional Portuguese food).

In between palaces with unique architecture and streets marked by stories, learn about Sintra, one of one of the most iconic villages of Portugal, through its food. As a local, Isabel is a connoisseur of Portuguese food and knows how to recommend the best tidbits in places that go unnoticed to those who are visiting.

Enjoy dishes such as “morcela” (black pudding) with pineapple, “queijo da serra” (cheese) with ham, octopus sauteed in caramelized onion sauce and codfish fried rolls with arugula. Local pastries are included as well, like the traditional “Travesseiros de Sintra” (a sweet made of puff pastry with a filling of almond cream) and “queijada” Sintra pillow and the delicious “queijada” (made from fresh cheese, sugar, eggs, flour and a little cinnamon wrapped in a crispy batter).

What’s included

  • Lunch (local “petiscos”: dishes of traditional Portuguese food)
  • Drinks (water, juices or wine and coffee)
  • 2 Local sweets and “Ginjinha” (cherry liqueur)
  • Experience available in English and Portuguese

The host recommends:

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • In the summer it is wise to wear a hat (as well as a jacket)

Meeting point

Palace of Sintra (main door) at 11:30 am


I was born in the Alentejo, but I grew up in Cascais, I think that’s maybe the reason why I have a wild soul. I love traveling, eating and scuba diving and it is my pleasure to show you my town through our amazing gastronomy.


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- Jan, 14, 2018 -

Diego Mendes

A Isabel é uma guia fantástica, ela nos levou a passear em ruas onde outrora escritores internacionais famosos se inspiraram. Ela nos levou para ver alguns monumentos e nos contou algumas curiosidades sobre a pequena e bela vila de Sintra. Houve tempo para almoçar degustar do melhor da gastronomia portuguesa, com pratos bastante elaborados e ainda houve espaço para a pastelaria tradicional.

- Jan, 11, 2018 -

Carina Hernandéz

Lovely food walk with Ana We had an amazing insight on Sintra's streets and food. Ana told us some curiosities only a local knows and took to eat at a restaurant with Portuguese snack. It was all so beautiful we just felt like taking photos.

- Jan, 08, 2018 -

Miranda Johnson

My favorite cod salad! Couldn't resist on taking this tour after seeing it had lunch and snacks included. As a local, Isabel knows just the right places to go and she took us to a hidden restaurant where they served amazing cod salad with spices. It's by far, the best "petisco" I had in Lisbon!

- Jan, 09, 2018 -


Great experience!

- Jan, 08, 2018 -

Mayara Andrade

Essa foi a melhor comida que a gente comeu em Sintra, a Isabel conhece cada cantinho da vila e sabe onde nos levar para provar iguarias portuguesas. Os doces são maravilhosos e os restaurantes são acolhedores e com uma decoração antiga, eu diria mesmo romântica. Recomendo a experiência, a Isabel como guia e definitivamente a comida!

- Jan, 07, 2018 -


I consider myself a real foodie so I went to Sintra just for this tour. We had amazing Portuguese "petiscos" as well as local pastry. One of my top favorite things was the "morcela" with pineapple the taste is just indescribable from warm meat to the fresh fruit, the combination of these two delicacies is heaven. Isabel is also a very friendly guide and very smiley person, I had a great time walking around Sintra with her.

- Jan, 07, 2018 -


This tour is quite affordable compared to everything we had included. Food, guided tour, wine and pastries, can't ask for anything else. What an incredible afternoon!

- Jan, 03, 2018 -

Vanessa Kees

Isabel was the best guide we had in Sintra, she's very friendly and explained every detail of the streets and history of the village. We had an amazing lunch and delicious local pastry. Do it if you're thinking of visiting the village.

- Jan, 01, 2018 -


There's no better way to explore Sintra, food walk with Isabel was one of our highlights in Sintra.

- Jan, 02, 2018 -

Josh K.

What a great day, good food, great guide.