Things to do in the Azores

If you are looking for things to do in the Azores, discover the islands through gastronomic experiences with local foodies.

Have a look at these ultimate food experiences in Pico Island.


Get to know Pico Island and be amazed with the culture and lifestyle of this islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Explore the Pico Island with Cláudia, a local who will take you on experiences such as being a farmer for a day, it includes visit to a local farm, contact with animals and a traditional lunch. On Cláudia’s picnic, she will chose the places with the best views, so you can taste the most delicious local food and drinks. There is also a wine tasting that includes 5 wines and liqueurs, lunch and UNESCO World Heritage award winning landscapes.

Gonçalo, a local fisherman, will take you on a fishing trip with a meal included, the goal is to go catch your fish and then Gonçalo’s wife will cook it the traditional way (all fishing gear, meal and drinks are included).

Meet Cláudia and Gonçalo for authentic food experiences in the Azores Islands. Ready to explore Azores like a local?

Have a bite

One Day in Pico: Wine tasting and traditional lunch


One day at sea: eat what you fish


Farmer for an afternoon


Pico-nic: food with a view