I am a mom who enjoys various professional job titles, such as marketer, designer, recipe tester and developer, and health coach.
I am Portuguese and have lived in various countries in Europe as well as a all over the U.S. I speak 4 languages and love all that has to do with culture, arts, languages, organic farming and living, traveling and health.

My favorite dish:

I love all that comes from the garden. And though I try to follow as much as possible a plant-based lifestyle, sometimes I still have a bit of seafood. Some of my absolutely favorite dishes are guacamole, baba ganoush, chickpea salad, black eyed peas salad, all types of soups, vegetarian Tunisian couscous, and I can keep on going… when I want a little sweet something, I love the GF sugarless brownies I make… They are perfect for the dark chocolate aficionado!

Spoken languages

I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. I do understand a wee bit of Italian.


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