Rota de Tapas | 8th Edition | May 26 – June 10

Rota de Tapas is a route designed for those who like to enjoy a snack while socializing and tasting the authentic brewing tradition.
Once again, Estrella Damm challenged Chefs to create a unique “tapa” that invites foodies to explore different cities through its amazing flavors.

For €3, Estrella Damm presents a set of tapas specially created for the event, which can be experienced in some of the best restaurants in Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Faro, Aveiro, Évora and Viseu.

From meat to fish – and even vegetarian, the options are varied and you will find many traditional Portuguese dishes as well as re-invented recipes.


May 24 to June 10 | 2018



1 Tapa + 1 Estrella Damm (0.25L) = €3


Have a look at the restaurants and the “tapas” for

Lisbon | Porto | Braga | Faro | Aveiro | Évora | Viseu