1. What is FoodieBookings.com?

FoodieBookings.com is born from the passion of traveling and from getting to know a new place through its gastronomic culture. This is the reason why our team is dedicated to introducing new destinations through authentic culinary experiences with local people.

2. How does this website works?

In three simple steps:

  • Choose your next destination
  • Have a look at the local gastronomic experiences
  • Book online

1. Can I get more information about local experiences and guides?

In addition to information about gastronomic experiences, local guides and hosts, you can read other people’s recommendations and see the ratings for each experience. For any questions we have personalized support via email (info@foodiebookings.com) and telephone contact (00351 916 813 550).

2. Is the booking confirmation immediate?

After booking an experience you will receive an email with the confirmation of payment and another email with the confirmation of the reservation. Afterwards, you only have to enjoy the experience by attending the meeting place at the appointed time. Only if, for any reason, there is no availability by the local guide/host, FoodieBookings.com will contact you to reschedule your experience.

3. If I I have food allergies, can I still do the experiences?

Allergy or intolerance to certain foods does not prevent one’s attendance, provided there is information to take the necessary measures.First of all, have a look at the experience you want to do and check if the local guide/host has gastronomic options available, then you should always let us know to what kind of food you are allergic to, so the local guide/host can adapt the experience to your needs.

1. What are the accepted payment methods?

We use PayPal to process the payments on our behalf. Paypal is an internationally known payment platform that provides, and processes, safe and secure payments worldwide.

2. Is it safe to make payments at FoodieBookings.com?

In order for each user to be able to purchase experiences in a safe, and comfortable way, FoodieBookings.com uses Paypal as a payment platform. Paypal is an internationally known payment platform that provides and processes safe payments worldwide.

1. If I cancel an experience, do I get the money back?

You can always cancel a booking, however, and being a marketplace, when it comes to cancellations and refunds we have strict rules to cover the needs of local guides:

  • With a 2 (two) weeks notice (prior to the start date of the experience), you get a full refund
  • With 72 (seventy-two) hours notice (prior to the start date of the experience) a refund of 50% of the amount paid by the experience is made
  • No refunds are made in case of no-show at the meeting point, nor in case of notice in less time than the one mentioned before (previous line)

2. What happens if the guide / host cancels an experiment?

An experience can be canceled by a local guide, or by a host, for reasons of force majeure. In this case, notice is given in advance by FoodieBookings.com with the possibility of redialing.

3. If the guide/host cancels an experience, do I get the money back?

If an experiment is canceled by a local guide/host, a full refund is made.

1. How do I get in touch with FoodieBookings.com?

You can reach us through e-mail: info@foodiebookings.com and number 00351 916 813 550. We are available from 9 am to 7 pm (GMT: Portugal), 7 days a week, 365 days a year.