I am passionate about the world of travel, exploring and learning new cultures, where, for me the gastronomic traditions have a prominent role because much is known about the culture of a country at the table. I am graduated in Tourism Marketing with an extensive experience in the hotel and leisure industry being for several years Marketing and Communication Director in five stars hotels.

After the birth of my two beautiful girls, I dedicated myself entirely to solo projects in tourism such as these unique gastronomic tours. Although I am a reserved person, I am able to share everything I have to say in a very passionate way.

My favorite dish:

It’s hard to choose but I must say I love seafood and fish: octopus, sardines and barnacles are definitely on my list of favourites.

Spoken languages

I speak English and Portuguese.


A Taste of Algarve (with visit to local market)


More Experiences in Lisbon

Traditional Portuguese lunch (vegetarian recipe)


Sintra on a food walk


World food for Vegans and Vegetarians (workshop with lunch)


Dinner with a Fado singer